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The Fuchsbau Festival provides

Progressive ideas, art, performances, EDM treats and avant-garde pop. All upon the kind recommendation of our shop manager.

Das Programm

Each issue of the festival examins one specific topic from different angles and speculatively furthers this idea thematically as well as on the level of its format. This year's program holds a whole cooling shelf of dance and theatre right on site. A bulging counter with participatory art and workshops. Musicians and thinkers with various backgrounds enrich our program beyond all conventional disciplines.

Das Fuchsbau Festival 2019 widmet sich dem Thema Supermarkt.

Between the poles of capitalist promises of freedom and solidarity we are scrutinizing the commercialization of our everyday lifes and day-to-day politics. Which forms of aesthetics are resulting from mass production and pop culture? To what extent do we have to politicise our feelings to overcome societal barriers? How do our habits of consumption affect our environment and is it relevant to us at all?

Your shopping paradise

Hidden amid the woods and lakes of lower saxony an old brick factory will provide the ideal site for dancefloors and installations in industrial buildings with concerts under a starlit sky. Three days in August. Three days in the country.

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