welcome to the cabaret of the rhythmically gifted and humanly challenged in excellence <3

in BUBU VS. TIME the trinity of feminine felines detect and dissociate, to destroy the most hateful concept ever to exist. enjoy our unrehearsed acceleration and deceleration of 60 min through madness and nudity in the pursuit of letting go of any worldly attachments.
Genießen Sie unsere ungeprobte Be- und Entschleunigung von 60 Minuten durch Wahnsinn und Nacktheit mit dem Ziel sich von allen irdischen Bindungen zu lösen.
artist talk with the performers in the beginning, the audience seated on the floor. collective rave in the last 15 min of the performance: for this part, everybody is invited to join the choreo. cash or paypal tips are as always welcome, of course.

Concept, Choreography, Music + Performance:

Parisa // PSORIASIS aka B1txx3$k?llah* fka the Persian Princis Muva Bubu Pillow Talk
Martini Cherry Furter
Mavi Veloso


parisa madani // psoriasis aka b1txx3$k?llah*
fka the persian princis from the gorgeous house of gucci
and the iconic hall of fame kiki house of juicy couture
muva bubu pillow talk say ha name

به پاریستان خوش آمدی

born in the flames of 69, growing up with wolves, learning how to walk, flying high and currently resting on pillows:

the story of a long-nailed german-iranian woman of trans* experience with sharp green eyes working with live arts and the communities.

in the last four years, the collective released a collection of live and digital art on their website, a mini album (pariyestan on soundcloud) and started their trilogy of collective dream meditations through collaborations with many differently talented performing/ visual artists. inspired by ancient persian mythologies and spiritualities, their immersive performances create spaces of worship and resistance especially for those of non-white, neurotypical, queer & trans communities and others who are traumatized and underserved by traditional and conservative legislations. in the future she might lead a spiritual revolution, tour the world as a secret popstar with big tits and/or meditate inside volcanoes until the end of time.


Born in Martinique, a French colonies in the Caribbean’s islands, Martini Cherry Furter spent 18 years on stages all around the world, half of this time as a burlesque performer. Trained in Martinique with Latino-american theater, in Cuba and in Paris for the conservatory, as an actor, singer and dancer, the capacity of adaptation and the versatility of MCF are pushing the limit of interdisciplinarity to an unframed point where Living is the Art.

After 3 years of experience directing the first burlesque club of France, MCF is now based in Berlin, passing from the Berlin underground club parties, drag queen shows to the Volksbühne or Deutsche Oper with remarkable ease. Other the years MCF developed a distinctive relationship with the audience by bringing topics as transgender, queerness, racism, colonialism, sexism and ableism to the stage while keeping the audience entertained and still being charged with a magnetic presence.


Mavi Veloso

Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist, currently based in Amsterdam, Mavi Veloso integrates her experience as a performer, visual artist, dancer, actress, singer and music producer in powerful stage performances

combining pop with different styles such as R&B, trap, hip hop, synthpop, dance pop and Brazilian rhythms such as tecnobrega, Brazilian funk and others.