Credit: Tubi Malcharzik





Grupa Mauczka

Górny Śląsk/Oberschlesien

Grupa Mauczka is a collaborative group consisting of Julia Nitschke, Tubi Malcharzik, Natalie Pielok, Cäcilia Wosnitzka and accomplices, whose points of reference and commonality are the historical border region Górny Śląsk/ Upper Silesia and the term “Post-East”. Based on their own family biographies, the group addresses questions of belonging and memory culture in Polish-German migration history. In their sound work “voice messages about ‘śląsking‘“ (“Sprachnachrichten übers Schlonsken”), they invite the audience into their reality of Upper Silesian misunderstandings and present their practice of śląsking. A practice that takes a queer look at family narratives and historical events, unsettling nationalistic, conceptualized borders.