Credit: Samira Mohammed Ali







Promona Sengupta


Promona Sengupta is an artist, academic, activist and curator based in Berlin. She is a doctoral associate at the International Research Center Interweaving Performance Cultures at the Freie Universität Berlin. Her creative practice engages with decolonial speculative imagination as a means for radical politics. She co-created and co-flies the FLINTAQ+ Spaceship Beben, as its serving Captain and chef. She co-curates Radio Kal, as a part of the transoceanic longform artistic project kal, and was the resident artist at District Berlin in 2020. She co-founded the Berlin-Delhi based progressive cultural politics pop up Mo’Halla. She has shared her multidisciplinary creative practices at the Maxim Gorki Theater, District Berlin, English Theater Berlin and other spaces. In her activist work, she fights for dignity alongside her comrades in queer feminist antifascist and BIPOC community spaces. She is committed to centering rest and repair in the activist spaces she inhabits, which is a project in progress.