Credit: Jak Twens



Heaven might be a place on earth but you are in the waiting room and not in a rush. LOUNGE invites you to lean back and watch. The promise of eternal rest, eternal sleep or resting in peace is a perpetual one. LOUNGE carves space for resting by exploring and reshaping movement vocabulary of lap dance and twerking to the tarraxo, an angolan music and dance genre. This duet relies on erotics and building togetherness in the in-between space of waiting. An invitation to get cozy and steamy.

Concept and direction: Marga Alfeirão @choraagora.ja
Choreography and dance: Myriam Lucas and Marga Alfeirão, also with Cajsa Godée @cajsagodee
Music: Dinamarca @dinamarca123 and DJ Niggafox
Mixing: Shaka Lion
Scenography: Francisca Spuzi @franciscaspuzi
Costume designer: Nani @nani___bazar