Fuchsbau Festival

Fuchsbau combines forward-thinking music, art and debates in an experimental festival.

Foto: Helge Mundt
Foto: Helge Mundt
Foto: Isabel Machado Rios
Foto: Isabel Machado Rios
Foto: Jan Helge Petri
Foto: Jan Helge Petri
    This festival has been long-awaited. Finally, this summer, we will see each other again in the hidden glades and halls of the old brickyard: Side-by-side on the dance floor, in moments of community. During a workshop, when everyone is present, thinking together. In the shimmering heat on the way to the lake. Exploring artists who completely defy our expectations and challenge us to see things in a new way. On the ride home, exhausted, with new friends and a thousand memories that will last us until next year.
    During the past ten years, Fuchsbau Festival has been creating a space for artistic adventures and the mutual exploration of social issues. For three days in August, performances and installations meet the sound of electronic music and futuristic pop, films, literature and discussions. This edition is defined by international artists and thinkers, who break the definitions of their genres and jolt our perception of time as we know it.
    'Against Time'

    Festivals are a state of exception. This year’s theme ‘Against Time’ stands both for the unique nature of a festival weekend as well as our goal to collectively take apart “time” as a social construct – and put it back together in unexpected variations. When is time something variable, political? Whose stories are remembered and how? What futures can we speculate about now? And how can re-thinking our understanding of time change our lives? We want to explore these questions in installations on queer temporality and workshops on Afrofuturism, and discuss how measuring time affects our relationship to capitalism.

    Call for Entries: Fuchsbau Festival

    Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht? Das Fuchsbau Festival hinterfragt in seiner diesjährigen Ausgabe strikte Zeitkonstruktionen und Zeit als Basis gesellschaftlicher Systeme. Wir sind auf der Suche nach spannenden Formaten und künstlerischen Positionen.
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    Call for Entries: Nach:Denkmal

    Nach:Denkmal sucht ambitionierte, interdisziplinäre und künstlerische Vorhaben, die heterogene, offene und multiperspektivische Denkmäler entwerfen und der Diversität unserer Gesellschaft gerecht werden.
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